A mindfulness-based digital health intervention program.










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20 Years of ‘Digital Health’ Expertise

What is iMindTime?

iMindTime is a comprehensive, but brief, 6 session digital health program, accessible via desktop, mobile or tablet.

What does iMindTime focus on?

The six iMindTime sessions will teach you about mindfulness of breath, body sensations, emotions, sounds, thoughts, as well as loving kindness meditation. You will be provided with all the tools that you will need to undertake mindfulness practise. Start thinking, feeling and living more in the now.


Yes. iMindTime is based on gold-standard psychological treatment theory / techniques and has undergone evaluation.

Other Features?

We have also included a ‘mood and lifestyle events self monitoring system’ that can help you to better ‘see’ your progress as you are working through the program. The program also allows you to connect a Fitbit wearable device so that you can discover even more about yourself.